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Got a tin roof? Combining glasswool and reflective insulation in a single product, Bradford Anticon has been specifically designed to provide superior thermal insulation, noise reduction and condensation control for metal roofs.

Bradford Anticon is designed for temperature control in buildings with metal roofs.

Bradford Anticon Roofing Blanket is lightweight insulation specially designed for use in residential and commercial buildings.

buy anticon insulation for your shedBradford Anticon Roofing Blanket consists of a glasswool blanket adhered to an impermeable reinforced reflective foil facing.
The glasswool blanket is manufactured by spinning  molten glass, containing up to 80% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The Bradford Thermofoil facing extends 150mm beyond one longitudinal edge of the blanket to provide an overlap when installed. The product can be identified by its golden appearance and foil facing

This reduces radiant heat entering a building during summer, and helps prevent condensation in winter. Installing Bradford Anticon under your metal roof also helps reduce unwanted noise from heavy rain and other sources by up to 13dB.

All Bradford glasswool home insulation products are non-combustible and achieve the highest possible ratings in early fire hazard tests.

Bradford Anticon is available in a variety of thicknesses so you can choose the level of insulation that best suits your needs.


Install under metal roofs to reduce heat transfer, control condensation and reduce noise caused by rain.

purchase insulation for your shedFeatures and Benefits

Keeps homes and sheds cooler in summer
Prevents heat loss in winter
Provides effective condensation control
Saves on energy costs
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Reduces noise transfer into your home caused by rain
Environmentally sound – made from up to 80% recycled content
Helps meet BCA energy efficiency requirements

Why buy Bradford Insulation?

buy insulation for your shed online At Bradford Insulation we pride ourselves on having the best product and the best people. Over 70 years of manufacturing and selling Australian made product into the Australian market has made us this way. We have built up considerable technical expertise and we have a tried and trusted product.

It is recommended that wire mesh be installed in shed roofs when anticon is fitted. This helps support the product and is also for safety in commercial sheds. You can purchase roof wire on this page whilst ordering your insulation.

Technical downloads

You can get a quote on Anticon insulation and safety mesh roof wire here.

Due to the wide variation in pricing for Bradford products at different Bradford locations depending on where you are in Australia we have had to remove the instant purchase online and revert to our REQUEST A QUOTE  method.  Please let us know what you require and we will organise a price for you and if your happy to proceed we will produce an order page for you.

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