buy teel shed mezzanine floors materials

Bearers connected to columns with joists between.

When you purchase a new shed with a mezzanine floor in it, the shed design software will upgrade columns and footings as needed, at the time, ensuring that the structure you purchase is strong enough to support any additional load that the floor might add.

Mezzanine floors supplied with a shed usually have bearers that bolt to the portal frames columns. These bearers are usually quite substantial c250 or c300 cee sections depending on the span. Intermediate bearers will often be ‘back to back’ cee sections.

The joists are then bolted between the bearers. These are usually 150 or 200 cee sections. Depending on load and use, they are often set at 450mm or 600mm centres.  They are most often connected to their bearers with GP Brackets.

buy bluescope lysaght steel onlineIf you are looking to construct your own mezzanine floor we suggest that you contact your local engineer & have them look at your project in case you need to upgrade your columns.

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