Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners are vital for assembling your steel building. Smaller sheds might use the M8x25 or M10x30 nuts and bolts for connections. One of the most popular purlin bolts for small and medium size sheds are the 12 x 30 Flanged Purlin Bolt and for bigger sheds the 16 x 30 Flanged Purlin Bolt. The 16 x 40 finds it place amongst the bigger knee, apex and hold down connections.

How tight should I tighten my sheds bolts? Numerous methods are used to tension high tensile bolts however as a rule of thumb “snug” tight plus one half turn of the nut is fine for the connection bolts. In engineers speak shanks tensions are: For M12 bolts, shank tension 50kN. For M16 bolts, shank tension 90kN.

Many professional erectors will also place a couple of construction or framing teks (14-10x20 tek) at each connection just to hold things in place whilst the are tightening their nuts and as a little insurance against a connection slipping around.

These bolts below are available for immediate purchase in various pack sizes. If you do not see the size bolts you want then please email us with you requirements and the qty you require and we’ll get you a price. Scroll down the page to purchase.

 nut bolt washers for sheds 8 x 25 Hex Bolts 4.6 Low Tensile zinc


for above 8mm Washers zinc plated


nut bolt washers for sheds 10 x 30 Hex Bolts 4.6 Low Tensile Galv


 flanged purlin nut and bolt for sheds and garages 12 x 30 Flanged Purlin bolt/nut 8.8 Zinc Plate


 flanged purlin nut and bolt for sheds and garages 16 x 30 Purlin Assembly 8.8 Zinc Plate


 steel shed nut bolt washers 16 x 40 Structural Bolt, Nut, Washer Galv 8.8



We also have available a wide range of other fasteners for sheds and garages

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