Retroseal Houseseal

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Similar to Roofseal but designed for use on steel and timber fascias on homes and brick garages with steel roof's. This can also be used under eaves, verandas and patios where the veranda / patio roof sheet continues up into the main buildings roof space. You can also install this behind your gutter when renovating. Great ember protection in bushfire zones.

There are two versions available, one that is fixed to the front of the fascia or top plate and the other that is fixed by the roof's batten screw or if out of reach, a new pan fixed screw. Also, is available for Corro or Custom Orb, Accent 21, Trimdek, Monoclad.


Metal Flashing 762mm long
Available in Zincalume for hidden fixings or Colorbond for exposed.
(STD) = front fascia or top plate fix
(MF) = Metal fascia, to fix to batten or sheet pan.

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