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The Windows have 16mm rollers with tyres that do not form ‘flat spots’ and stainless steel bearings to ensure smooth and easy operation.

Far superior to cheaper windows that operate on plastic guides that often break and are difficult to open and close! These are the best windows for your shed.

These windows are quick and simple to install, instructions are provided with every window. They are self flashing when correctly installed so there is no need to provide any other metal flashings to trim or waterproof these windows. They have a 19mm fin on all sides to assist with the simple fixing into position with a few tek screws.

Please make sure to select the windows that correspond with your geographic location to avoid delays.

COLOURS - please ensure you describe the colour you require based on colorbonds standard range. Zinc windows supplied as Shale Grey.

GLASS OPTIONS available from Toughened to Opaque or Grey - Grey glass can add two weeks to production time.

TRIM BEAD EXTENSION In addition to the normal trim beads supplied with every window, the trim bead extension is an optional extra to further conceal any fixings and enhance the visual appeal of your windows. **Vertical 790 option for when your cladding is Vertical and various ***Horizontal options if your cladding is horizontal cladding.

FLY SCREEN and SECURITY SCREENS (barrier) AVAILABLE as options when ordering.


  • 0812 Windows (790mm x 1274mm) Often referred to as a standard size window.
  • 0815 Windows (790mm x 1505mm) Next wider size up from standard.
  • 0817 Windows (790mmx 1731mm) The widest window in this shed range.
  • 0808 Windows (790mm x 816mm) The size down from standard.
  • 0806 Windows (790mm x 589mm) The small toilet window.
  • 0408 Windows (475mm x 840mm) BARN shed window with 22.5 deg top

We can supply these new windows Australia wide. Normal lead time approx 2 weeks , Grey glass lead time can be 4 weeks. They are specially package for transport via national distribution networks. Please ensure that all packages are inspected upon delivery for any damage. These AMIA windows are by Australia’s largest window supplier to the steel shed industry and have a 7 year warranty (conditions apply).

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