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This cool product is manufactured from quality PVC and is designed to fill those painful gaps you get when working with Corrugate or Custom Orb sheeting, walling or roofing. Keep all sorts of critters out of your building with handy seal like rats, mice and snakes, frogs, lizards and wind driven litter. This product has an innovative function that means once fastened into position it begins to slowly tighten into place over time as the PVC has a memory and so will try to straighten into the gaps improving the seal even more.

This is not a bushfire attack ember seal and for Metal Seals you should look at our Houseseal, Ridgeseal, Eaveseal and other metal profiles in the STORE. This Handy seal is great for nailing to a wooden batten, fascia or bottom plate where there are corro, corrugate or custom orb patterns leaving a hole where vermin or weather can enter.
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