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You can buy the Solar Farmlight here. The new Solar Farmlight comes packed with smart features such as the following:

• Inbuilt Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
• 22 Ah Gell Cell Battery
• Options to add up to four super bright floodlights
• Pre-wired, so no electrician required, 5m cable on spotlights
• Auto switch off
• Time out warning
• Low battery indicator

Solar Powered Shed Lighting – Quality Built, Powerful Unit


  • 5m extension cables.
  • Additional Farmlight Super Bright LED Flood lamps are available (Up to four lamps can be fitted)
  • 40W solar panel upgrade kit (adds another 20W panel to base system) The Farmlight will recharge in 2 days on average, or in one day with the 40W upgrade kit.
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